This was a post I made that was reported and removed from facbook…

"Beauty has and is going to the waist of the world’s remains. It’s time to re-fertilize, nourish and add to the beauty. It’s time to wake from this blinding slumber, learn, educate and love. Play a part , come together and live forever."

Hey! Please take the time to listen to the latest song I’ve worked on; ‘Pray For Me’, a drum and bass infused pop song with hard beats and trippy synths! Please enjoy, share and follow me ;) xxx

pray 4 me.
Please check out the first instalment to my mixtape “Pray For Me”.  Please support me, listen to ‘Lilith’, like it, follow me on soundcloud and facebook! All your support means the world to me and expect more updates and songs xxx

Please Support Me.

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And please take a look at my short cover of Sam Sparro’s ‘Black & Gold’ here:

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Hope you all enjoy my new tumblr layout, needed to renovate for the new year xx

Taken whilst I was recording a cover of Sam Sparro’s ‘Black & Gold’, check it out via my facebook page. xx
“Pray For Me” is on it’s way, like Jesus I’m perfecting it, but in the meantime my good friend Gustavo Pallacios collaged and created cover art for it! I hope you love it just as much as I do, he really did a splendid job! x
"Sinning is a way of living, bound to take it’s toll"

So “Pray For Me” is almost complete, but I’ve also been working on my first ballad “The One”. I couldn’t help myself and wanted to give you all a little something, so here’s a snippet of the demo. Finally there are some of my vocals on display so I hope you enjoy it. xx

Like Jesus I will rise again (Taken with Instagram)

gareth pugh s/s 2009 rtw, details 

considering to buy these bad bitches… 

Someone has bought me..

Have been told from a friend that he has sold a print of me from a shoot we did together from a gallery opening, I feel honoured and pleased. Well done Alek! 

so it was time for a revamp, hope you like the new theme and header profile xx